Hull: Light weight fiberglass
Length: 31 Feet 11 Inches
Beam: 11 Feet 7 Inches
Height (Baseline - Canopy): 9 Feet 9 Inches
Height (Baseline - Bridge): 7 Feet 10 Inches
Height (Baseline - Forward Decking): 4 Feet 6 Inches
Height (Baseline - Aft Cockpit): 2 Feet 6 Inches
Weight: 15550 lbs (without crew)
Speed: 28 knots
Engine (made by): "Detroit Allison Corporation" or "GM"
Quintity: 2
Engine Power: 250 HP
Engine Type: V-6-53N 2-cycle Diesel
Engine Volume: 4300 cubic cm or 336 cubic inch
Fuel Tank Capacity: 160 gallons (two tanks)
Pump (made by): "Jacuzzi Corporation"
Pump type: 14YJ waterjet
Quintity: 2
Pump Power: 96000 Gallons per minute
Discharge Nozzle: 8" in diameter


Standart Armor:
Twin .50 caliber Machine Gun turret in the bow;
Single .50 caliber Machine Gun in the stern;
M-60 Machine Gun;
2xM-79 40mm Grenade Launcher;
12-gage shotgun;
Crew's Small Arms (3 M-16s and .38 caliber revolver)

Additional Armor:
90mm Recoilless Rifles;

Raytheon 1900/W Radar Unit;
Two PRC-25 FM radios.

Standart Crew:

Boat Captain (E5-E6 ) was responsible for his boat being ready
Engineman (E4-E5 ) took care of engines and pumps
Gunner (E4-E5 ) resposible for weapons and ammo
Assistant Gunner ( E3-E4 ) all around helper

Note: all crew members were cross trained

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