458th Transportation Company
(Post Vietnam Area 1972-1977)
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This history was taken from the Fort Eustis history web page  however many small details were left out or not correct in the 1st place, hence I am spending a few hours to set the record straight. (wrong info is highlited in red)

The 458th was reactivated at Fort Story as part of the 79th Transportation Battalion on 21 May 1972. It again received LARC Vs. In spite of significant shortages of MOS qualified personnel - due to its recent activation - it participated in a Joint-Services test and evaluation of Offshore Discharge of Container Ship II (OSDOC II) in October 1972. This was one of very few LOTS operations conducted after the experiences in Vietnam. These were hard years for the company. The company finally reached operational readiness rating of 96% and passed its Annual General Inspection in August 1975.
When the 305th and 461st Transportation Companies inactivated, the 458th was the only active LARC V company in the US Army. The 458th Transportation Company became the first Transportation Corps line company to have a female commanding officer, Captain Elizabeth F. Otis, 1976-1977. From 1975 through 1976, the 458th conducted a number of amphibious exercises. LOTS training at Fort Story became routine over those years. The 458th Transportation Company conducted its last water exercise, “Surf and Sand Drive” on Red Beach, Fort Story, on 19 November 1976. It was inactivated on 19 March 1977 . See Note # 7

Note # 7
The below link " A recent Internet find "sheds much light on notes 3, 4, and 5a

Command structure 1968-1969   see note 3

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Logistics History ( sheds light on the use of the LARC in Vietnam)
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A recent Internet find does much to fill in some organizational blank spots
A recent Internet find does much to fill in some organizational blank spots #2
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