HULL #                 Boat Name                             Station


J 7804

J 7805

J 7806                                                               Cat Lai

J 7807

J 7808

J 7809

J 7810

J 7811                                                                Cat Lai and Saigon

J 7812

J 7813                  Zodiac                                   Cat Lo, Vung Tau

J 7814                                                               Cat Lo, Vung Tau

J 7815                  Leftovers                               Cat Lo. Vung Tau

J 7816                  Miss Cat Lo                           Cat Lo, Vung Tau

J 7817                                                               Cat Lo, Vung Tau

J 7818

J 7819

J 7820                  Blue Cheer                            Cogido, Newport

If you can add details,

J 7821

J 7822

J 7823

J 7824                                                                Newport, seems we have a member who well remembers J7824 :-) some                                                                             thing about a accident and court-martial ??

J 7825                                                               Cat Lai

J 7826                  Sandee                                 Cat Lai

J 7827                                                                Cat Lai   1969 sank at the dock during the night because the inspection cap                                                                                                was left off over the jet. It was raised and repaired...G MOORE

J 7828

J 7829                  Capt. America                       Vung Ro

J 7830                                                               Vung Ro           

J 7831                                                               Vung Ro, Quin Nhon

J 7832                  Magic Christian                    Vung Ro, Quin Nhon  (footnote # 1) June 28, 1970     J7832 was hit by a RPG                                                                                                                                                                                     round, luckily Magic Christian lived up to her                                                                                                                                                                               name and no one was seriously wounded

J 7833

J 7834                  Angel                                    Quin Nhon

J 7835                                                               Quin Nhon

J 7836                                                               Quin Nhon

J 7837                                                               Quin Nhon

J 7838

J 7839

J 7840

J 7841                  Lil-Bev                     Cat Lai, Cogido, Newport (footnote 2)

Name of PBR 32 was "MAJIC CHRISTIAN",
It was named after an obscure Ringo Starr movie of the same name which featured
Ringo as the skipper of an entire boatload of nothing but beautiful young
women!! (I don't know what we were thinking.... it didn't work for us at all!)

Thanks, Mike Hebert, Vung Ro

Was sitting here this morning doing a VERY DANGEROUS! thing.  THINKING. I remember some time in late 67 or early 68 I was at Cat Lai. Had to tow a boat with blown engine to Cat Lo. Sometime earlier J-7841 had been cruising along the shore evidently when the tide was out or going out and they had struck a stump or something and tore a pretty big hole in the bottom. Someone was quick enough to pull the cap off one of the pumps and they got it beached. Don't know how they got the boat to Cat Lo for repairs but I picked the boat up and ran it back to Cat Lai. The weapons were somewhere unknown to me. I used this boat for awhile as a maint. boat down there and at Newport, maybe a month or so. Without the weaponry it was light and fast. This I believe was the boat I used when I ran the ammo up to the guys in a firefight up river from Cat Lai. Don't know what the final destination of this boat was. They must have eventually found the weaponry for this boat and put it back on patrol.   Bill Northrop

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