This page dedicated to the guys who kept everything working

As more names are listed if you want to add a few comments about a individual send me a with the details.   Maintenance stories/details are needed also. Send me a name of anyone who should be on this list

#15 James Anderson          1967 to ?     in memory

#17 Bill Northrop                  1968-1969  photo's

# 34 George Olson               1968-1969    see below note #1&4

#83 Joseph Wright                 April 67-June 69

#129 Martin Yakelewicz      1969-1970 photo

Charles Petch                        1968              see note #2

Sgt Nestor Olivera                1969              see note #3&4

CWO Ernest Godwin              1967-196?   see note #5

Note #1
Joe Wright sent this info
In reference to George Olson #34 on the member list I got to know George very well in Mare Island and we were together in the 458th.  George worked at Detroit Diesel prior to his entry into the military,his knowledge in maintenance and mechanics was definitely inspirational to many 61C members of the unit and enhanced the maintenance capabilities within the unit. I for one attribute my career to the knowledge and work ethics inspired by George Olson.

Note #2
Charles Petch was my mechanic at Cat Lai.  He was one of the guys that could do almost anything with nothing if you know what I mean.  He was a Sp 5 and was really conscientious.    Pete McGuirk

Note #3
We had a Sgt E-5 named Olivera at Qui Nhon who was in charge of maintenance when I got there.  Bill N. remembers him - I worked with Ollie and Bill my first couple of months before I took over my own boat.  I can't tell you the names of the guys, but there were 2 (I think out of Co. Headquarters) that traveled around to the different outports and did any needed fiberglass repair on the boats.   Dave Jordon

Note #4
George Olson &  Nestor Olivera  were 2 of the best mechs that I have ever had the pleasure of watching work.. They Invented  the saying    "GETER  DONE"   Charles Lowe

Note #5
Chief Godwin is / was a Marine Engineer-type of the Fort Story/Fort Eustis "good old boys club" - in good standing. I mean no negative by this statement. In fact, his good standing allowed A LOT of what the 458th needed to have and to have happen ... while based in Virginia ... when alerted for deployment ... while enroute and while in Viet Nam to become reality. He supported the various phases of the 458th ... the LARC-Vs, Boston Whalers ... PBRs!!! He kept them running, he kept them floating, he patched them up. He forgave (and showed love to) the "crazy kids" who did dumb and stupid stuff with the equipment.

I knew of Chief Godwin before I was in the same unit (458th) with him. While in Viet Nam, particularly in Cam Rahn, his contacts within the marine community (civilian & military - not just the Army) was influentual toward "getting things" and "getting things done", in a timely manner, consistent with the need of the Viet Nam theater and lack of fore-thought by the ego-laden leadership present at the time.

At the time I joined the 458th in Viet Nam, Chief Godwin was the Maintenance Officer. Unofficially, he was also the humorist and one of the "morale adjustment" officionados. His sense of humor and "don't let the day get you down" attitude most certainly contributed to being able to keep the unit's spirit up-beat. As the 458th began transition from the amphibious cargo transport mode to the security mode, Chief Godwin was both flexible and valuable. As the Boston Whalers arrived, virtually no one else in the local Army community knew about them or had the time to provide support; Chief Godwin found the time and capacity to take on this mission - he did well. As I departed the unit Chief Godwin was the Maintenance Officer for the PBRs.........Pete Sellers

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