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At the time the below names were listed on this page they had no email address and all communication with them was by snail mail. Since then many (most) have bought a computer. Sadly we have lost friends since this web site was started

Keith Olson
117 East 8th St
Duluth, MN

Information that Keith gave me; At QuiNhon July 69-Jan 70, Keith
says the only funny or stupid thing he can remember was blowing up the shit house on the dock, he went on to say that he was on PBR40 and that
they/ had sunk the boat!?
He went on to say that his nickname was Ole, he remembered a Indian nick name Chief, and also a man called Scotty
Keith says they were authorized the black beret in Jan 70. Keith is who I got the picture of the 92MP patch with the rocker.
Even if no one remembers Keith put him on your Xmas card list, I know he would like to hear from all of you
Jesse Townsend 1970-71
area code 270 756 2381
224 Lakeside Drive
Hardinsburg, KY

Jesse says he would like to hear from any and all former members of the 458th. At the present Jesse doesn't own a computer but I suspect that might change


Lee Helle  (me)
Box 237
Northport, WA
Canada phone # 250 269 7555
WA State # 509 732 8824

I was supply sgt Aug 68-Dec 69, never did get to know many of the boat crews, always was lousy at names.Some of you I know we met, the only
name I can remember of the boat crews is Angel, I have a feeling he was
always in hot water and every one would remember his name.
My supply clerk was named Pender, black dude, smart as a whip, he
drove down to see me at Ft Lee spring of 70,
Way back in 1958 my folks bought property in BC Canada, that's where I spend most of the summer months, but head south to Northport for the winters. If any of you get up this way give me a shout

John Pratt
11471 S.E.Doherty St.
Tequesta, Florida

Jon is a good friend of Joe Baptista who submitted his information. Joe
keeps in touch with his old buddy, so if you want to get in touch with Jon
you can use his snail mail or contact Joe, who might have a phone number.


Dave Hunt
7521 Eliason Rd
Sturgeon Bay, WI

Dave served Oct 68-Aug 69 as a mechanic type Cat Lo and Neah Bay US
Navy Base Floating Barge.

George Olson
W6152 Kimberly RD
Norway, MI

Waiting for details about George, he and Dave Hunt are buddies, so would guess they were there at about the same time

  Pete SELLERS Tuesday, 1/29/02, 1:35 PM
Thanks, Lee, and the rest of you ... for a most interesting portion of my life. Anyone remember the floating dock in Cam Rahn? or the approaching typhoon? I can't remember the names of any of the divers, anyone recall? How about when the Boston Whalers were assigned to patrol, protect, and drop grenades around the power ships? What about that "wild & crazy party" at Vung Rho Bay? There were several boats that came under fire, were halted, and we had to rush parts to get them going and "saved". Wonder why these things are coming back to me, now? And, someone told me that the Transportation Corps was gonna be boring and unrewarding. HA! I travel a lot now. May be able to meet with some of you, when I'm in your areas. For the next two years ('til 2004), my base will (should) be Fort Leonard Wood, MO. If you get by this way let me know.

john lux Monday, 12/3/01, 5:56 PM
just thought I would check in. hope that some of you cat lo,vung tau guys might recognize my name.I was there all of 70.Hated the move back to vung tau from cat lo,had some MP officer in charge of us then. before then we were on our own,I think once ,it was just an E6 in charge for a few mo.s.I'll tell a few stories next time.
E-mail:  luxjohn@hotmail.com

Mel Curtis Wednesday, 11/28/01, 1:18 AM
I was at the Qui Nhon out port 70-71. The Det. was turned our to the Arvn. Navy in 71, Capt Bruckner was the Det. OIC and of course me well I was the NCOIC. SSG Sennet was the Maint. NCO. I started out in that rear area out side of Saigon can not recall the name. I am in Germany working at one of the Govt. schools. Good web site, many memories have returned and I am proud to have served with the 458th PBR. Thanks Mel Curtis.
E-mail:  ISGcurtis@hotmail.com

mike russell Tuesday, 11/27/01, 5:26 AM
Haven't been here in awhile, just wanted vist again looking forward to a reunion if it is to happen. best wishes to all---happy holidays--mike
E-mail:  MRusse6@entergy.com

Robert Burgess Friday, 11/23/01, 9:46 PM
Lee, was incountry 1968 and 69 of march. out port is Quinon. looking for Jim Huffman. if any one knows of him e-mail site was worth the trip throu again rob burgess
Web Site:  thenewworldtwo
E-mail:  cm33199@uslink.net
What can be improved on this site:  great leave alone

Peter E, McGuirk Wednesday, 11/21/01, 4:29 PM
I,m glad you have the patience and the knowledge to have developted this web site. Hang in there
What can be improved on this site:  nada

Curtiss L. (Chris)Poteat Wednesday, 11/21/01, 2:41 PM
Had a visit by Denny Hull and his wife during July of 2000. It was great seeing someone from Nam again. Found out one of members died a couple of years after his return. His name was Major C. Lee and he came home early because of his fathers passing. Also have talked to Jerry McDevitt and Dave Stewart a bit.
E-mail:  mpoteat2@bellsouth.net

July 2005 / Newest Found Members

Donald Markin
17 Ponderosa St
Colona, IL
309 441 8382

Jimmy Lee
254 W. Main
Pomeroy, OH 45769
(740) 992-0602

Edward Bell
1130 East High St.
Lima, OH 45804
(419) 227-4499

Havery Nicholson
1404 33rd St. South
Fargo, ND 58103
(701) 232-7988

Larry Lawson
cell # 918 441-1436
1516 Irving 
Muskogee, Ok 74403

Delmar Mitchem
Star Rt
box 28
Chamois , Missouri 65024
phone 573-763-5758

Gary Fidley 
4808 Dunlap Creek Rd 
Covington Va. 24426 
phone 1-504-559-4148

Dale Greeson
2383 Plainfield Drive
Conover, North Carolina
Phone  828 244 5409.  

Roger Newhouse
1002 Harding St
Niagara, Wi
Phone 715- 251 -1759 68-69

Steve Pokorney
912 West 9th St 
Duluth  Mn 55806   

Martin Yakelewicz
15 Iron Bridge Rd,
Trenton, NJ  08620-9522

Bill Ulickie
236 Crissfield ave
Buffalo N. Y. 14206   

Cecil Sweatt  
8232 Old Wardsbury Rd 
Sonora .. Ca .95370   

George Foltz 
4126 Holbert Ave  
Draper Va.  24324-2812   

David Alleman 
P.O. Box 665 
Ely Mn  55731    
I 218-340-8131    66-67   will attend        

Howard Christensen  
1023 Chesaw Rd 
Oroville Wa 98844 

Don Miller 
144 Robbins Lane  Box 1046 
Glenrock  Wy  82637  
1-307 438 8621      

Paul Durham
20382  Wayland Ave
Salisbury  Missouri   

Michael S. Cobb 
611 West Gold St  
Kings Mountian    N. C .  28086 
1- 704-739 0680 

Jack Brown
PO Box 961
Midway, GA 31320
1-912 884 6610

Joseph  Woods
3320 Laws Store Rd
Hurdle Mills, NC  27541

Oliver Redden
619 N Van Buren
Pierre, SD 57501
605 224 4313
80 years old, was DUKW mecanic and driver, basic training 1951 at Ft Lewis

Charles Thomas
Apt 102
12206 Conneat LK Rd
Conneat Lake, Penn 16306
78 years old, DUKW driver/ mechanis, basic at Ft Eustis

Chip Lattimore
409 Warlick Rd
Lawndale, NC

David Tuttamore
225 Union
Ohio   44811

Samuel Horner
3090 Daldon Lane  
Vineland, NJ

David Kemp
111 Miles Lane
Apt 123
St. Michaels, Md
21663                            TEL  410-745-6451

Richard White
1147 Birchwood Lane     tel  715-268-4464
Amery Wi. 54001

Howard Livingston 
2201 W. 46st apt 115
Souix Falls, SD
57105                         phone  1-605-360-1358

Frank Hall
PO Box 1204
Ft Pierre, SD
57532                          phone 605 295 2379

James Kelly Burnette
4805 US 221 North
Marion, NC
28752                         phone 828 756 4506

Bill Ringlbauer              
2244 Dell Vista Dr
Moiser, Oregon  97040       Tel 541-298-2058

Johnny Tucker
3454 San Pedro Rd
Perry,  Fl. 32347              1-850-584-9641

Tim Estese
13516 Hillsbourgh Ave  message phone number 1 813 248 5157  (sister
lot 45
Tampa, FL

Miles (Snipe) Stapleton    Miles doesn't have a computer, plus his hearing is bad, snail mail is his                                                       only good way to communicate, he would love to hear from all of you
7451 SE 70th Ave
Portland, OR

Rufus White 
2340 Spanhour Rd. 
N.C. 28655                               Phone 828-433-8368

John Hogan
24929 Chase Drive
North Olmsted, OH

Warren J. Whipple
12333 Willis St.
Redding, Ca. 96001
sister Nancie Lucero Phone 530-365-6971

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