These two patches have been referred to as pocket patches.

However new evidence shows that one perhaps both of them were never worn on the jacket pocket


see below

Different  Pocket   Patches
The patch on the left is owned by Fred Schmidt.
Fred says that Larry Griffith designed the patch and had it made up locally.  Futher more Fred says that just five crew members wore these patches.

How many were made??  Not many thats for sure.
Jim Brady not to be out done says, "hell I've got my lighter from those days"

Photo of Jim Brady "left" and Harry Hall
Jim says they wore the unauthorized beret in  the Saigon area, which
even I can remember.
The  way those pockets are bulging I would say perhaps they had two days supply of  Cs or trading material?
Whats next ?
It wouldn't surprise me any if some of the equipment that I wrote off as combat loss isn't in some of
you guys basement. :-)









Claude Atkins wrote in and said not only had he seen the patch
on the left but he had one!  The patch was worn on the black
beret, of which he is the proud owner of.







This patch was sent in Robert C Bogison. Rob was in Bcompany 720th MPs not sure if this is the correct size of the patch or not, perhaps a beret patch

The 458th Sea Tiger Association may lease the rights to make reproduction patches from these copyright protected images.. Interested parties contact Lee Helle by email

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