Operation Santa Class

You will find no mention of this military operation in any archive, completely forgotten ! a dim memory in the minds of the few who were there. As told to me by the 458th Company Commander (Pete Sellers)and one of his men whose memory is just a little bit better than some. Christmas 1967, a bunch of GIs more than a little homesick, for the majority of these young men this was their first time away from home on Christmas. As related by the CO, the very nature of the units mission with detachments scattered everywhere it was impossible for anything even resembling a company celebration. Those on patrol were the lucky ones as they had something to occupy their minds, not so lucky were those stuck in the barracks.

Here the story is just a little vague, On a whim? the CO had the company truck pull up to the barracks and he asked if anyone want to go to the local Catholic orphanage and hand out candy and perhaps make it a better day for some little kids who had no idea of what candy or Christmas was. It seems that the barracks emptied as if a USO strip show had just pulled into the company area. Everything about this story I buy, but can't help but wonder where did all the candy come from? Sounds like prior planning to me :-)

"One piece at a time we don't want any bellyaches"

Anyone know the name of this trooper?













Larry Kallod













Guard in the background with M14 is Sp/4 Hayes

Soldier walking down the steps of the slide unknown

Two soldiers at the top of the slide, one with his M14 as a guard and other is helping the kids in position to slide down. Names unknown











Boy has no pants or shorts on, only a shirt almost to small












Larry Kallod with kids pushing their way up to the Christmas handout of 458th candy.

Wired fence in the background, hopefully to keep the kids in the compound at play time.











It's over..... thank you kids, this was a great day for all of us in the 458th.
Merry Christmas is what I said to this little guy and good luck. Larry Kallod

Sp/4 Walter Jones.
It's tough to call it a day. Mission accomplished, it's over now but forever remembered in our hearts.













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