SP4  James Arthur  Loux

      3 April 1971, James was a seaman on a 458th
PBR, his boat with several other PBRs were taking
aviation fuel to combat units operating near the
village of Cho Thu Bay.

In route the PBR that James was on struck a mine, the blast engulfed the boats in flames, at the same time the enemy opened fire from both canal banks.

  Despite painful burns, James was able to man the boats 50 cal machine guns and return fire.

   Here the record states that he returned fire
silencing the enemy fire, thus enabling the other boats to proced and finish their mission. What the record can not tell is the mass confusion that had to be taking place, How this young man must have reacted not to one enemy location but two. One in front, one behind ! That he was able to silence both even though mortally wounded speaks volumes.

   James died of his wounds two days later, April 5th 1971,He was just 21 days away from going home.
He had just turned 21 years old.

James was posthumously awarded the Silver Star and his 2nd Purple Heart. The US Army in tribute, has named its largest supply ship after James.
( The LSV-6 James A Loux )  

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